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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tomorrow's Children

This Wellingtonista post reminded me that I was going to write something about the “Yoof”. Or at least one youth inparticular, the one who was sitting at the back of the bus yesterday.

He was, I noticed as he left the bus, still at high school (as he wore a school uniform). He was a ginga (which I can say with impunity as a Daywalker) and had that look teenage boys often have of being made completely out of knees. Gangly and awkward.

I wasn’t eavesdropping on this young man. Instead he was talking very loudly to a girl (and later another girl) about his brilliant exploits that were always “f**kin’ hilarious” and caused him and his chums to “f**kin’ fall on the ground laughing”. He was clearly trying to impress the girls who were mostly quiet with small murmurs of "yeah, cool".

He detailed various accounts alcohol and drug abuse that resulted in him being injured in multiple ways. One of these stories involved him getting stoned (on what I don’t recall) and his friends placing a box on his head. They would remove the box and shout at him in order to “freak him out”, which he thought was “f**kin’ awesome” and “f**kin’ hilarious”.

The best story was where he and his “mates” played a game in a McDonald’s Family Restaurant where they “breathed really fast for, like, a minute or two and then took a big gasp and someone would tighten a scarf around your neck and you’d pass out and have these little, like, micro dreams”. Needless to say it f**kin’ awesome and hilarious.

I suggest that we set-up the future so it’s idiot proof.

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Jo Hubris said...

Don't worry, soon they'll Hutchensize themselves. That's natural selection for you.