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Friday, June 16, 2006

Spam of a different kind

I get the odd Spam mail sent to the blog's address every now and again. They are usually for prescription drugs or financial schemes. I have even received an actual Nigerian scam letter.

However, yesterday I got one that was really off the wall. The photo is below:

I have never needed a self-lighting acetylene torch tip but who knows what the future holds? And if it comes up I know where to go now. Thanks to the Acetylene and Propane Equipment Company of Maryville, Tn., 37801.

Is this a sign of Spam getting better or worse?

1 comment:

che tibby said...

back in my hitching days i got a lift with these three bogans.

they had an acteylene torch in the car for heating up spotting knives. while they drove. fast.

me? frightened? yessiree.