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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Leaving a thin film.

First of all a quick pimp: Mike has written up his recollection of the events of the film-making weekend in a blog-triptych in which he writes in every genre:

once upon a time...part un

once upon a time...part deux

once upon a time...part trois

And now, here are the Wellington Finalists for the 48hours Film Competition that will screen tonight at the Embassy:

Clean Slate ("The Baby Farmer")

Hydra Productions ("16 Bullets")

Long Live Megatron ("Optimistic Prime")

Open Book ("Robin Slade: The Actor's Actor")

Northside Steelers ("Emotional Rescue")

Prime Rib ("Gunther & Me")

SE7 ("Seven in Seven")

Traces Of Nut ("Monster")

Ufo Film ("That Fateful Day In April")

Unproductive But Optimistic ("This Thing Called Hate")

White Tiger ("Slade In Full")

Congrats to all who made it into the finals, you all deserved it! Speaking of crap-arse films…


...did anyone see that pile of ball-sacks on TV2 on Sunday and Monday?* Category Seven: The End of the World. I will rant about this movie presently, but I have to dash now. Remember to check out the Making of Coupled.

* This post was supposed to go up a little earlier.

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