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Monday, June 26, 2006

Interior Decorating

This weekend I finally picked up the bunch of prints that I was getting mounted and framed. And because you always come here to read about me (ho ho) I thought I’d tell you about them (with pictures!).

We’ll start with this one:

This is called Tiki Girl by Doug Horne and is number 455 of 500 glicée prints. As such this print was quite collectable and I had it framed rather than mounted. When I finally build my Tiki Bar it will look something like this, but with more bamboo. For the moment though this hangs in my office.

This is the art I picked up at Armageddon (sorry for this photo's crazy angle, but there isn't much room in our hallway). It’s done by a Whanganui artist called Jem Yoshioka. If you look closely (right) you’ll see that this is actually ink on wallpaper. It’s basically a collection of sketches and poetry but flows nicely. Block mounting let me keep all of the stuff that was right at the edges.

This is the promo-poster for local store Eyeball Kicks. Pop artist Mitch O’Connell was commissioned to do the art by Calvin and Monique who own EK. It’s larger than the posters you might see around town (roughly 3’ by 2’) and was consequently a lot heavier. But it was only $5 for the poster!

This is a lithograph I bought from the States. It’s by a new favourite artist of mine, Andrew Bawidamann. Tom will happily note the single olive on a stick. I also got a couple of Bawidamann’s military postcards but have yet to put them up. I was quite pleased because this only cost me $15 (NZD) to buy and not much more to block mount. Also, you make it out here but Bawidamann actually signed the work, which was bloody nice.


Jo Hubris said...

Your artworks are awesome. I especially like the Tiki Girl.

Where would you recommend for block-mounting, and what sort of cost is it?

Hadyn said...

I got them done at the framing store down Cuba St by Fidels.

The big Eyeball Kicks poster was $80, the martini girl cost ~$50.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was checking through the stats of my site when I came upon your link to this post. It's really awesome to see what you've done with my wallpaper piece, I'm so very glad that it's being treated so well.

-Jem Yoshioka

Hadyn said...

Hi Jem,
The people at the framers had never mounted (or framed) anything on wallpaper before but said that it was actually really easy to do.

I'm sorry I couldn't get a better shot of it. The colour of the wallpaper almost matches the colour of the wall, so it looks great.

whitejacket said...

Dude, next time you order stuff from what-his-name let me know. I totally want some of those t-shirts.