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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Have your say

Hi everyone.

I hope your enjoying the new look Hammer. I would actually like to hear from you about the new scheme so I can improve the blog for your reading pleasure.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think. For example Mike said: "change those stupid colours on the sidebar I can't read them, idiot!" And so I changed them.

Also if any of you come across a comment from Kristian Jorjetko which is just a bunch of spam links can you please tell me which post he left it on so I can delete it. Thanks.


Gibbs said...

Im sure you'd like to hear that it resembles a Cappuchino, full of deep fragrant browns, rich caramels, and sweet white. But really, it just looks pooey. Nice pooey job though.

whitejacket said...

Change the brown. The brown!

jess said...

its cool. but the arrow and the title look quite 'busy'. but busy is cool... right?

Hadyn said...

Having asked for feedback I cannot act on it until my computer returns from the shop. Because it broke.

So keep the praise...wait, none of that was praise you bastards!

Anyway keep it coming and I'll sort it out later.