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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

[General] Anyone out there?

Jose has just posted some more literary genius over at Rants Pants. This time it’s all (or at least mainly) about David Lange’s memorial at the Supertop.

Tom reflects on the first six weeks of his blog’s existence.

Mike figures the time has come to restart the blogging after his holiday and take it to those spammers! Yeehaw!

Ben takes a nice look at Don “Don” Brash’s Leaders’ Debate performance, and shows you how to make your own magazine cover!!!!

Here is an tantalising taste of what you can find on Kung Fu Monkey at the moment:

Yes, that's right America, your kids got sent overseas in inadequate body armor with no real allies, doing more tours of duty than in Vietnam, to establish an Islamic government which most likely will be best buddies with Iran. How's THAT taste, Kansas?

Also the newest entry to my Blog bookmarks: NY Jets Blog.

And the Incredible Hulk is still around but with a different (and slightly more toxic) colour scheme.

And finally…

If you haven’t been to Kitten Wars yet. Go now! Vote for Sox!

All Hail SOX!


ben.run said...

I'm hoping to see a magaine cover of your design appear on here sometime. I am sure you would make one with the right touch of wit and style!


(darn that word verifcation thingy)

Bassett said...

thanks for the plug to my blog...

let's hope for a good year for the Jets!