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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

[General] Tenacious D

Just some quick links for those who want to surf.

iTunes for movies? Try this new service, Movielink. Those outside the States will get this message: "Thanks for your interest in Movielink, the leading movie download service. We want you to enjoy our powerful movie experience, but it is presently unavailable to users outside of the United States."

As my friend Mike said: “Booooooo!”

Want to feel physically ill? How about going to this link and finding out how much NFL players get paid to chase a little ball around a field. Then go down to their training camps (again only if you are in the States) and yell abuse at them (especially the ones that are holding out for more).

On that note: I noticed that I had forgotten to factor in future debt in my salary cap analysis the other day. For example the Titans have a $50 million dollar signing bonus for Steve McNair coming up next year. Teams can only put off their debt for so long before it bites them in the ass (like the Pats).

I have just seen the ACT party bus (stripped of its usual paraphernalia) get a parking ticket. Harhar. Also if you wander down Cuba Street you might still be able to see this. Go Taggers!

Also head here for an MP3 of David Lange’s last interview with John Campbell and here for an MP3 of the Tenacious D’s (by which I mean David Lange’s) famous Oxford “uranium breath” debate. For those non-kiwis who may be visiting David Lange was one of our better (if not the best) Prime Minister and easily the best speaker. He was the first foreigner invited to the Oxford debate in which he outlined why NZ went Nuke free and why nuclear (not nuk-u-lar) weapons are morally indefensible.

Yay Public Address Wooo!

Also if you dig stencil art then you’ll dig Stencil Revolution.


The Kia Ora Kid


Hadyn said...

Do not leave crappy advertising comments here please. I will delete them.
[Man that sounded grumpy]
But seriously, don't.

Scott said...

Need porn now? Go to ICan'tbelieveitsnotporn.com
just kidding. Dunno if Lange was our best PM. I kinda like everyone being able to retire, and he didn't do that. Public health? That neither. Also, who actually liked the '84 Labour govt? Honestly? You either have to see them as incomplete fascists, or a bunch of nice people who had some rather nasty jokes played on them.
Also, I thought both Lange and Muldoon were pretty funny. I didn't laugh too much at his Uranium on your breath line, but Muldoon's line about people leaving NZ going to OZ rasing both countries average IQ was very funny.
Lange as a good prime minister is kinda like the captain of the Titanic as a mostly successful captain. Nice guy though (Lange that is). NZ will certainly miss him.

Hadyn said...

See the hting with Muldoon was that he had a harsh voice that grated on you. Lange's voice was low and booming. Also Lange has pretty much a whole chapter in the NZ Political Quotes Dictionary.

Also I hedged my bets by saying "one of the better" Prime Ministers.

I can't think of a better one of the top of my head. I suppose Helen's doing ok (though these things tend to be retrospective) and I can't remember much past Muldoon (being so youthful and all)

whitejacket said...

I seem to recall Lange coming 11th in a list of our most effective PMs made by a bunch of historians.

Sneddon and Fraser were above Tenacious D. Can't remember where Piggy came.

Hadyn said...

Yeah, but what do historians know...really.

Grumble, grumble...stupid Jose always finding facts to discredit me...grumble.