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Sunday, August 14, 2005

[General] Results show voters like elephants

So anyway, Pete and Jim got to the ball on TV3. We all got to take asquiz at all the leaders who have a remote chance of sitting on those crappy seats in parliament. They also may gain the right to drink coffee in Select Committees (the public can't).TV3 is very worried (along with some media reps) that it might be the end of the free press.

And it's about time too. TV has had it too easy for too long.

Take thrusday night. Nick Smith goes bananasabout dogs bowls. Seems Nick is worried the government was trying to pass a law to screw dog owners. Cut to government dude, who pointsout Nick Smith is commenting on some suggestions from different groups. Not govt policy. Cut to complaining farmer, who is worried this is just more of bossy govt.

Why the farmer? We already figured out the story was not even a story.

Add to that the pieces on TV and radio about how prepared NZ (orAustralia) is for terrorism.OK, quick exercise here. Imagine a super cell of terrorists. They take over 10 jets, crash them in to 20 buildings in Wellington. Lotso fire and Wellers looks crappy for a few days.

Compare with the results of the quake Wellers is overdue for. A city built on cliffs. Next to the sea. Terrible roads in. Tunnels. Lots of gas (why would anyone living on a faultline have gas hot water?). You couldn't ask for a better disaster movie scenario. The same fire engines you use to put out all those earthquake fires will easily put out your 20 burning skyscrapers. If they can't put out those skyscrapers, they ain't gunna save your sorry ass from following your burning house down the cliff and into the sea.

Biological attack? The same public hospitals who deal with influenza every year should easily handle anthrax. If you read Hadyn's links to the Listener article, you'll probably agree that we should best be served by a media that doesn't exagerate terrorism, and bothers to spend some time talking sensibly about issues.

Or better yet, they could put on some fulla's who know a bit.

Maybe the court's have it right. If John Campbell don't wanna have Pete and Jim on his debate, maybe he should get a job in sales.

As for who won, I think the worm was the winner on the day. What could have been an interesting exposition of the parties policies turned into a ridiculous show of how to convince idiots to twist a dial. My understanding was that the wormers were all undecided voters, inferring the leaders only had to appeal to people too stupid to understand differences in policy. Don Brash and Rodney Hide both refused to answer the initial question, which was about their leadership style. Instead we got Dunne's favourite lines about being positive and living in a beautiful country.

SO it could have easily gone like this:
"What is your name?"
"Happy, smile, positive, families" (up goes the worm)
"What is the time?"
"Tax cuts, efficiency. growth, education" (up goes the worm)
"Do elephants have knees?"
"Moving forward, increasing wages, freedinners" (up goes the worm)

Note how the worm started below the line for poor Tariana Turia. She looked good though. Given time, she looked like she could make that worm soar.


Gibbs said...

Hey green, I think you should run your own pole from now to the election. I'll shall put myself forward as a participant.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to know about treadmill part?

Hadyn said...

Do these advertising weirdoes follow you around?

ben.run said...

My understanding was that the wormers were all undecided voters, inferring the leaders only had to appeal to people too stupid to understand differences in policy

Oh I absolutely love that! That sums up media and politics so nicely. Well done!


Gibbs said...

guess so. but do the pole thing!