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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

[General] Lost extra...no spoilers

Sorry Blogger won't let me add to the last post due to "technical dificulties".

I forgot MY theory!

Gone to the Dogs:

In the pilot the Dog shows up mysteriously after being “lost” fro a while. In one scene we see a group of the survivors being watched by someone which turns out to be the dog, Vincent. My theory is that the island, and I do not wish to alarm anyone, is being run Super Intelligent Dogs!! Yes!! Dogs!! It all makes sense. Vincent seems to disappear every now and again; and usually before trouble strikes. Dogs controlling the fate of man; how ironic.
Also if you get a chance, pick up the latest issue of Real Groove Magazine (it has hottie Alison Goldfrapp on the cover) because Jose Barbosa (Hammer contributor) has his interview with God Botherer John Safran in it.

Yay Jose! Woooo!

Remember to post those crazy Lost theories people. Although if you can beat Super-intelligent dogs, I'd like to hear it.

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