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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

[Sports]...and get rid of those side burns, hippie!

This is Johnny Damon, Boston Red Sock(?), world series hero, and Lou Diamond Phillips look-a-like. Johnny Damon has a problem. He broke a lot of hearts in New York last year when he, some how, blasted his way out of batting slump to knock the Yankees out of the play-offs. He is a good player, has been one of the few to string together long hitting streaks and is challenging for the batting title this year. So of course The Bombers will try to bring him to the Bronx. Now this isn’t the big problem. While everyone hates the Yankees when they play against them, to a man, they’d be lying if they said that deep down they didn’t want to play in the pin-stripes. So this isn’t going to be too big an issue for old Johnny D shifting to his once bitter rivals. But Johnny D does have a problem. This guy is known for his flowing mullet and bushy beard. He'll get the big bucks and a chance to win some more World Series with the Yanks but his luxurious flowing mane doesn’t quite fit with the Yankees Short Back and Sides, Johnny Unitas “Haircut you could set Watch too” philosophy. Here’s an artists impression of a tame Jonathon Randwick* Damon.

*Not his real middle name.

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whitejacket said...

Gibbs, you've got some sweet digital manipulation skills.