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Monday, August 29, 2005

[General] Weekend Statistics

Number of birthdays attended: 1

Number of cocktails drunk: 1 (dammit!)

Number of cars driven: 2

Number of hybrid cars driven: 1 (Toyota Prius)

Satisfaction level for Toyota Prius: 95%

Recommended retail price of Toyota Prius: NZD$43,500 (this price has been locked by Toyota NZ)

Percentage chance of purchasing Toyota Prius: 45%

DVDs bought: 2

Xbox games bought: 1 (Godzilla)

Xbox games played: ~12

Percentage of sunshine enjoyed: 100%

Number of times viewed new All Black haka: 2½

Number of times enjoyed new All Black haka: 2½

Number of times was able to correctly recall name of new All Black haka: 0 (Kapa O Pango: “team in black”)

Amount of happiness gained by All Black victory over Springboks: 15 happi-metres

Number of Bay of Penty victories: 1

Points BOP won by: 1

Number of BOP supporters who cared that it was only one point: 0

Number of cooked breakfasts: 2

Best cooked breakfast: Ford’s Café (Thorndon, Wellington)

Cups of Coffee: 15

Parents overseas: 1

Number of bottles of alcohol bought for me duty-free: 1 (42 Below Feijoa)

Number of times tried to restart computer: ~20

Number of times I have re-installed Windows since purchasing computer: 3

Number of times I have coveted friends iBook: 8

Sony Viao’s enquired about: 3

Percentage chance of purchasing Sony Vaio: 52% (climbing)

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