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Thursday, August 04, 2005

[General] Pimping my friends out

It’s been a while since I’ve had a look at what people have been searching for when they reached this site. The last time I checked it was desperate people who needed to know which local sports stars were involved in the recent drug bust (although one person was searching for “Byron Kelleher marries pornstar”).

This time around nothing dodgy, nothing that might break name suppression laws. However they are still slightly irregular. The search terms were:


Lord balitmore cake recipe

John garland white sox desktop wallpaper


Lawrence dallaglio desktop wallpaper

Tom has once again gone beyond the call of duty in helping the single (non-gay) ladies of Wellington to find a suitable fella. Dom also sends his regards to Tom because Tom’s analysis shows “where the ladies at” (Courtenay and Oriental Bay).

And Dom wanted me to pimp out his soccer team’s blog, Barnet IFC. So while I’m pimping my friends let me also direct you towards the lovely wares of Mike’s Travel Blogue and Ben’s page about him running (to quote Ben: “The question isn't why I wrote this, but why you read it”).

I’m all pimped out (it ain’t easy but it sure is fun). So just one last thing. At work we have a system called the Project Management Process or PMP. I have been successful in the creating a culture where we now call it the “Pimp system”. Muhuhahaha. People now talk about “Pimp training”, “using the Pimp” and “what does the Pimp have to say?” Occasionally we’ll add “where the bitches at?” By “bitches” we mean “projects”.

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