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Friday, August 12, 2005

[General] The Da Blues Brothers Code

The Da Vinci Code. The legend of the book continues to grow. For those of us who read the book because it was given to us as a Christmas/Birthday present and felt obliged to read it so as not to hurt the feelings of the giver, this has been a tortuous last 12 months.

Okay so some dude wrote a book about Jesus having a baby with some broad (out of wedlock too, ooooooooooooooo, proof positive that Jesus wasn’t a catholic) and sold a cagillion copies and the movie rights. Fans of the book have been hoping for a faithful depiction. Friends of the fans, who are to dim to have read the book, but have been told by their friends that it’s a “great read” have also been waiting for the 400 page book to be crammed down into 120 minutes of “roller-coaster-like suspense and action, headlined by Hollywood A lister Tom Hanks (do I smell an Oscar nomination?)”

<>But read this.
Of course this may be (and probably is) yet another ploy by the producers to drum up more publicity for the most over-hyped movie since Pearl Harbour (I imagine it will head the same way too – damn you to hell Michael Bay for foisting a generation of brain-dead zombies upon us!).

Basically it says they plan to make changes so that the movie doesn’t offend people in the Catholic Church. Righto, so no reference to Opus Dei (whoops there go the baddies), no reference to Mary Magadalene (whoops there goes the mother), no reference to Jesus (whoops there goes the controversy) and no reference to the church. In the words of the “Kia ora Kid” Hadyn Green “…its gonna make a pretty good car chase movie.”

If you want car chase movies mixed with religion you can’t go past The Blues Brothers (the 1980 version not the abomination thrust at us in 1998). I never heard nothing from the Catholic church about that, even though it centres around two brothers, one an ex-crim, setting out on a mission from God, “We’re on a mission from God” – Elwood Blues, to reunite their band to save a catholic orphanage. I guess it helped that the baddies were a bunch of quasi-millitant Illinois Nazis (hilariously led by Eugene J. Anthony), who didn’t like Catholics and got all beat up at the end.

But I digress. What most gets my goat is that the Catholic Church is even giving this book/movie the time of day. If any of its followers think that the Da Vinci Code is in anyway based on a shred of truth, then let em go I say. Let’s get these people out of the good catholic gene pool. How could the Holy See, in all its wisdom, really be worried about a bit of badly written cuddly fiction, that was written almost for the purpose of being made into a summer blockbuster (i use that term very very loosely)? If they are concerned about losing the support of a whole generation of followers cos of a book, they should probably be more concerned about Harry Potter and the Flaming Heretics.


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