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Friday, August 19, 2005

[General] What have you been looking at?

Search terms for this last week range from the usual:

  • ali Williams
  • matthew ridge float
  • rico gear tattoo nz
  • matthew ridge girlfriend
  • sin city photoshop
  • new jersey devils blog
  • by grabthar's hammer

To the strange:

  • auckland or terrorism or security or defence or defense or intelligence or spy paul buchanan
  • kimi raikkonenâ's dog

To the people looking for porn:

  • pimping bitches
  • detroit tigers vs red sox streakers august 15, 2005

(Were there streakers at the above game and if so what was so great about them, because two separate people were looking for them)

To the sadly desperate (or possibly biggest fan):

  • does 49er quarterback alex smith have a girlfriend?

This last search came from someone in Berkeley, California. Perhaps they’ve got some serious stalking in mind. That's Alex Smith to the right by the way. It's a bit of beefcake for the ladies and some non-traditional men (I'm sure some of both read this blog, and "howdy" to both groups by the way).

Also if you get a chance pop over to Ben’s blog and boost his Googling Persoblogity. Based on his split persoblogity (get it now?) Man, pimping is fun on a Friday!

1 comment:

ben.run said...

You are now amoung the stars. Grabthar's Hammer is now listed on Google under persoblogity.

Just think in 50 years times (just as the world is ending) historians will note that you were the second person to use this (now common place) word.