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Monday, August 22, 2005

[General] Comment-ary

I have just clicked the button that says "you must recognise this word before leaving a comment". Why?

I still like getting comments, but I hate getting ads for acne medication (which I don't need), hot tubs, nascar or e-books.

Spammers: FUCK OFF!

Harsh words for first thing on a Monday but there you go. I just had to delete 14 ads from one of my posts. Admittedly they all said my blog was good which is a nice ego boost. But they are just like the pretty girl at the bar who talks seductively to you so you'll buy a Bicardi.

Big shout out to the all-seeing all-knowing MIKE, for spotting the offenders for me. Load up the truck Mike, we're gon' a'shoot us some Spammers!

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