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Friday, August 19, 2005

[Politics] Scott on Don on Don in Jon

Some observations for those of you who missed the party ads on TV1 tonight.

Labour had a pretty boring performance. Lots of quotes from NZers saying how marvellous NZ is blah blah. Helen blah, wine blah, culture blah.

The Don Brash party had a far more educational ad. Maybe the National Party should sign this young go getter (veteran of a thousand marches against apartheid and nukes) up if he doesn’t win his brave bid for president. I did get kinda sick of looking at him after awhile. Finally the editor cut… to a picture of Don Brash on tour. Then back to Don in “interview.” Maybe they could have put Don in a toilet. “Don on Don in Jon.” Kinda catchy, no?

Don even had the wifey on at the end. Was that some kind of (scuse me if I use the wrong term here) subtext? Should we read that as kinda like this: Don’s gunna be the president for all family men.

Family support packages? Not Don. Trade in the old bag, get a new bit on the side, maybe even dump the old one for the new model. AND get a REAL tax cut.

Families get family support. MEN get tax cuts. The Old Model can go off to work to support the sprogs while you swan about with your new piece of fluff. Having your cake, then trading it in for a new bit. Yum yum.

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